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The Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council looks to showcase the diverse artistic and scholarly disciplines active in Prince George's County, Maryland. While our physical programs are on hold in support and compliance with the State's efforts to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we turn to our screens for connection. 

If you are interested in showcasing your work for dispersal on our social media platforms please complete the form below. Please note, all work must be family-friendly. There may be no suggestive or explicit content nor language. 

Additionally, all programs must be prerecorded and go through a vetting process with the exception of our Studio Visits. Studio Visits will require a pre studio visit with PGAHC Senior Program Manager. Thereafter, we will determine the best platform to show your visual artworks with audience questions and feedback in real-time. 

Types of Programs

Studio Visit: 30-minute program, artists tour their studio and discuss their practice, current references,  show final works and works in progress for a live audience. Artists will respond to inquiries in real-time.


  • 5-10 minute prerecording live performance of presentation (literary, craft, etc.) for display at PGAHC social media channels. 
  • 10-20 minute workshops are also encouraged. For the workshops, please be considerate of the use of simple, readily available materials. Please consider interactive instruction that may be feasible for varied learning styles and physical abilities. 
  • Short films of no longer than 15 minutes in length may submit content.

Lecture: 10-30 minute presentation of scholarly merit; to include research on exhibitions, historical trends, theoretic framing, and artist retrospectives as it pertains to the visual and literary arts. Additionally, space for essayists to present written or auditory works. 

For inclusion in the weekly schedule, submissions must be shared by 11:59p the following Thursday. This is an ongoing program, so if you miss a week, please submit the following week. 

Please forward all questions and concerns to Senior Program Manager, Maleke Glee. Mglee@pgahc.org  

PGAHC is committed to supporting our creative community and providing high quality cultural experiences and engagement for our residents and communities across Prince George's County.   We must keep records on our artists and vendors for its programs, to ensure compliance and make sure we inclusive in our engagement and contract obligations.  This form must be completed and submitted for payment.  Thank you very much for partnering with us! 

Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council, Inc